Print this page. This thread is from the archives. The following are a few pics showing an elderly gentleman sewing up the exterior piping. These were taken by my wife as proof of my ability to sew. The piping is yet to be dyed to match the ivory paint using a specially formulated and colour matched automotive fabric dye, which will happen once the strips are sewn.

Not quite as anal as it seems as I simply followed the holes made when the nylon cord that I'm just now replacing with EPDM rubber, was sewn in by machine. Cheers Peter TD Pic 2. Pic 3. Looking good Peter. When I was finishing TD I found material for the piping that was an exact match for my paint.

The ivory paint was color matched to the color original paint found under the factory welting. I simply did a light wet sand with grit and a hand buff out to get a usable sample. I was quite satisfied with the end result. I have enough left over material stored away to make kit for three cars.

Have you had a chance to fire off your engine? Any color in the car yet? Actually a major part of the reason for this approach was because the alterations lady who does car related stuff for me couldn't machine stitch because of the existing holes and this would have meant trashing the existing strips. Some progress Bill. Still raining here with only two rain free days forecast over the next 3 weeks, but I expect the humidity will still be problematic.

I fired up the dehumidifier once I'd painted and left it run overnight and now have the tub completely painted. However I still need to finish under the rear wheel arches. About to test fit the side curtain and hood frames on packing while the weather remains crappy.

New Items!

Next step is to fit the interior tub piping so I can then make the trim for the front and rear quarter panel boards and also fit the finished dash. Then maybe I can kick her in the guts! Be great to hear the old girl fire up for the first time since Finally, after all these years of reading and mostly enjoying Peter's posts, I now have a face to go with the name.

That was in another life Chris.As I received the car, the interior was a little shabby. The interior panels were a cheap, home-done replacement, the seats were tired, and the dashboard was completely wrong. Since the interior is a focal point of the car, all this had to be fixed.

Click on any picture to see a larger version in a new window. The seats actually weren't too bad, possibly restorable, but some of the wood in them needed help.

The interior panels, however, were not acceptable and the top and sidecurtains had reached the limit of their lifetimes. The dashboard was a home-made mess, and the carpets were just dirty pieces of carpet material. The footwell was disturbing, to say the least. The wood floors were not in good shape and were not bolted down. The seats didn't look too bad, externally, and for a while I considered just cleaning them and giving them a coat of vinyl paint. I'm glad I didn't, because they had some serious internal problems, primarily wood rot.

Mg td interior used cars

The new seat covers are leather. They are a muted shade of red; I think they look much better than the more commonly used bright red. Taking the covers off the seat bases, I found the remains of some black seat covers underneath.

The foam pads were not in bad shape, so I was able to reuse them. The wooden frame consists of a base and what I'll call the ramp.

The bases were badly rotted in places, but the ramps were OK. The ramps were held together mostly by nails, but they also had screws in the corners. I didn't try to remove the old screws and nails, as it would have damaged the wood, so I just left them in place. I added some screws to give it a little more strength the thing is sat on, after alland I glued some parts where needed.

I used one of the old bases as a template and made new ones.

mg td interior

All these parts received a couple coats of varnish before reassembly; that should prevent them from rotting, as the originals did. Once the varnish was dry, I installed the ramps and seat slides.

Aero precision m5 lower

The slides are generic, but better quality than the original type. Installing them is a little tricky, as it's important that they be precisely parallel. The seat cushions were not pretty, but they were functionally adequate, so I reused them. Assembling the seats was not difficult. I filled the pockets on the undersides with foam so the cushions would be a little stiffer, then taped them to the frames.

Borsalino con nastro fantasia fiori e marocchino interno in pelle

I wrapped the edges with Dacron padding; without this, the sides wrinkle easily. Some people recommend a layer on top of the cushion too, but, with these covers, there just wasn't room. Finally, I attached the seat covers. I used stainless steel staples to attach them to the bases. In my opinion, the hinges on the backs of the seat bases are underdesigned. They support the weight of the seat back, and in almost all the pictures of original seats that I've collected, they have torn loose and allowed wood rot to set in.

I added cross pieces to strengthen them. I used washers under each cross piece to compensate for the thickness of the hinge.The MG TD features independent front suspension, rack and pinion steering and is powered by a cc motor with twin SU carburetors with Subject to a complete nut and bolt restoration at The body is in good condition with no visible or known rust issues. Paint is in good condition with thick coverage, light overspray in West Coast Classics are proud to present an absolutely exceptional example of this original southern California owner LHD MG TD Roadster with its original matching 's cc 4 cylinder engine and 4 speed transmission and presented Previously receiving a full restoration this MG looks great with its British Racing Green paint that has no major imperfections.

The beige leather interior is like new and allows West Coast Classics are proud to present an older restoration example of this MG TD Roadster with its original matching 's cc 4 cylinder engine and 4 speed transmission and presented in 'White' color paint and a 'Red' interior Very nice MG TD convertible, runs and drives great, light blue exterior with navy blue interior and top, nice driver quality fun little Original chrome was replated.

Interior is completely restored. Genuine leather upholstery, mint steering whee They are rare and sell quickly. Finished in Ivory with dark red leather interiornice bright work, 4 speed transmission, original rare tool kit Between the fresh paintjob and sporty engine, this car is loads of good looking fun!

Under the hood of this English sports car is a Ford four cylinder engine that was It's easy to understand why they built this handsome MG TD replica: it looks great! Originals were frequently neglected and abused, never mind their legendary finicky nature, so it was probably a smart idea to recreate the look These roadsters were unique to the American marketplace.

Few survive today - this is one of the nicest ones that we have had. Produced from until its final year ofthe MG TD featured a suite of upgrades that set it apart not only from its predecessor, but from many other sports cars Beautiful in excellent condition.

Red with a tan leather interior.

mg td interior

Very good paint, new stayfast cloth top, new tires, brakes, carpet and reconditioned powdercoated wheels. Spartan green with white top, interiorand trim. Professionally Built from a kit. The car The canvas top is in great condition as well as the canvas tonneau cover.

This car was restored a little over 15 yrs ago and still Sort By. Date recent Price highest first Price lowest first. Sort by Date recent Price highest first Price lowest first. On page 20 40 Boca Raton, FL. Round Lake, IL. Concord, NC. Simi Valley, CA. Calabasas, CA.

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Pennington, NJ.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Please wait Please tell us how we could improve your experience. Gift Ideas Accessories Audio Exterior Interior Safety Equipment Cylinder Head External Engine Internal Engine Oil System Superchargers 2.

Cooling System Air Filters Carburetors Exhaust Exhaust System Clutch 7. Brakes Front Suspension Rear Suspension Steering Mirrors 5. Windshield 3. Body Fittings Body Trim Charging Ignition Starting 3.

Dashboard Interior Trim and Fittings 8. Convertible Tops 5. Side Curtains Tonneau Covers 1. Car Care Car Storage Garage Needs Note: It is generally not considered a deviation from the original if you improve the finish of an item so long as you do not change the texture or characteristic of that item.

The table below shows all the body and interior colors available during the production of the MGTD. The radiator grill slats generally matched the interior color. Note : You may click on the image to see a sample of this color scheme from an original brochure.

Note: The colors in this table are approximate. Due to the nature of each computer display and the limits of the color pallet of your system, there may be a large difference between these colors and the actual production colors. Note: Apparently MG did not have strict formulas or consistent suppliers for their finishes, so even during the production of the T-Series there would be large discrepancies between cars of the same color.

The cars were also not documented with their color on an ID plate. This practice did not start until the MGTF model in late Note: CKD cars were delivered with primer only. This was also available as an orderable option so any paint color is original on one of these cars. Note: The exterior piping cord filled fabric material between sheet metal parts color matched the body paint color. The follow are images for the interior softgoods of the MGTD. There are two versions of the Rexine swatches.

The earlier cars Rexine was more like oilcloth, lacking a leather like grain. This table provides a list of formulas or color equivalents to the original colors used for the MGTD.

As always you should have a quart or gallon of paint mixed first and spray it on a large piece of sheet metal before you decide what color you like.

Even better is to get a few quarts of paint and give your car a quick paint job before restoration to make sure you like the color. When you are satisfied with the color choice then you can strip all the paint off and start over.

Sounds crazy, but at least you will like the results. If you have a car that has never been stripped of its' paint you may be able to tell what color it was originally by taking off a fender and looking at the area that rested against the body bucket.

I was not only able to do that but after the use of a little rubbing compound the paint was in good enough shape in those areas that a color match was done after 25 years of service. The color was compared to other cars painted the same color to insure that I had a reasonable match. An excellent source for color chips for these colors can be found at the Auto Color Library. Select your year and then select AHMG. They can also custom mix paints for you. The problem appears to be that it was offered early as a solid color and then in as a very light metallic, or almost pearlescent.

This is a metallic paint. Some cars may have had metallic bodies but solid wings and valences.Frame Up Restoration in Owned by Distinguished MG Judge. Rebuilt Carbs, Distributor, Gauges. Ready to drive. It appears to have had motor and all major components gone through.

Motor runs It comesequipped with a McClain rebuilt the engine, per the before and after photos below. The transmission was rebuilt by Collins Classics MG This MG TD was beautifully restored to a high standard. It has been broken in and can be used and enjoyed as it should be.

Interior Hood Trim Tack Strip Installation MG TC

It is finished The Red exterior is the perfect match Whether it be from rarity, low production numbers, or out of this world costs when Driver quality car in good condition with a few faults! Beautiful MG TD Changes in my personal situation forces me to sell my baby. Restored top to bottom inside and out engine transmission Custom made biscuit colored canvas top and windows are Thecanvas top is in great condition as well as the canvas tonneaucover.

This car was Improvements including a stiffer frame, rack and pinion steering and updated suspension. The frontsuspension gained a Professionally Built froma kit. Less than 13, Beautifully restored MG TD. A true work of art. Never been in rain or snow. This TD has been amazingly restored and drives like new! Leather interior in great condition, newtop, great It hasbeen broken in and can be used and enjoyed as it should be.

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It isfinished TD being five inches wider for more room in the passenger compartment while front independent suspension as well as rack and pinion steering. Get notified when we have new listings available for mg td interior. We use cookies to personalize your experience.

More info. Trovit SD Mg td interior. X x Receive the latest car listings by email. Receive new listings by email mg td interior.Select each image to see an enlarged view. In addition to heaters, Key-Leather supplied, under its own brand name, ammeters and water temperature and oil pressure gauges class vi obtained from AC-Delco. These are the installation diagrams for the K-L Univeral Heater. They were provided by Willem van der Veer. Runyan armrest in leather. Smiths Heater. Without the arm rest comes this brake cover to prevent the wife from covering her skirt with the cable lubricant.

MG TD interior for sale

It is provided in matching or contrasting materials and simply snaps around the handle. Here is still another type of arm rest for the TD that serves as a brake cover and helps to keep the right people on the right side of the car.

To better aid the Forestry Service in fire prevention, there is a very neat, in-the-door ashtray rig on the market. The outer bowl is easily removable for cleaning and the gadget is located right where the driver needs it. The Mk II grab handle that was also availabe as an option. Another, and very handy, arrangement is this combined ashtray and center arrm rest. It does not interfere with the operation of the shift leader and keeps the ashes off the floor and out of the driver's eyes.

For entertainment when you travel, you will enjoy this Philco set built into your driveshaft tunnel.

Sigma 18

It does not interfere with shifting, or with the transmission filler plug. MGTD heater by Eureaka. Front view.

mg td interior

Rear view. Arnolt or OEM Heater. TD Heater of unknown origin. The handle is 6" long. Factory radio in glovebox. Smiths Radiomobile installation instructions. Page last updated on March 2,


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